Beach Camping at Mousuni Island

The Sundarbans, the vast stretches of mangrove forests and islands located to the south of West Bengal and Bangladesh, are mesmerizing in their own, unique way. There are several of these islands which are yet to fall prey to uncontrolled tourism, and Mousuni Island is such a place. It has clean, picture perfect beaches cradled by the deep blue waters of the Bay of Bengal, away from the noise and pollution of the usual beach visits that tourists are used to nowadays. Izifiso offers a chance to not only visit the quaint shores of this island, but also to discover the unique ways of the local tribe that has lived on it for centuries.

Our journey will start with passenger train but the boat ride always add thrill into it. Once there, civilization is left behind and a world quite different is entered.The quiet beaches of the island feel very pleasant. To add to this, Izifiso adds to the adventure by proposing a boat stay on the beach. Sea breezes accompanied by a beautiful sunset from the beach promise to make the trip a wonderful experience.After the sunset a campfire with western music promises to dance out of you. You can make your night more colourful with red crab running all around the beach, we will walk on the beach all night and sleep on the boat under open sky.The following morning, after breakfast, we will visit the fisherman colony and interact with the local people. After this, a delicious lunch with local cuisine promises to leave an impression on all participants in the trip. Izifiso does not believe in leisure time during a trip, and promises to keep all the guests involved in activities throughout, thus making the trip all the more interesting

Sealdah to Sealdah

Day 1:
    We reach Namkhana Station by a local train and reach Mousuni Island by an amazing boat ride.
    After a delicious lunch, rest in the tents, right on the beach and enjoy the sea, and proceed to interact with the local people in their humble abodes. Walk in the beach, to your heart’s content.
Day 2:
    Leave after evening snacks for Namkhana Station, to board a train back to Sealdah.
    3000 per head from Namkhana to Namkhana (upto 4 heads)
    2500 per head from Namkhana to Namkhana (More than 4 heads)

Mousuni Beach Camping Night

1 day
‘Sham Bhi Koi Jaise Hain Nadi, Leher Leher Jaise Baha Rahi Hain
Koi Ankahi, Koi Ansuni, Baat Dheeme Dheeme Kahe Rahi Hain…’

All of us are frustrated in the fast pace of this 21st Century life and we need silence, space and time to breathe, to think, to introspect, to let go. What can sooth the hapless spirit more than sea waves and sunsets, Music and madness , Nature and knowledge..??
Izifiso offers you everything at once; an escape into the quaint Island of Mousuni, one of the lesser known jewels in the crown of the Sunderbans. Rest in your tents and gape at the horizon, the clear sky of Mousuni and let the salt-laden serenity seep into your blood!
And right after the dusk fades away into a windy night, let music and good food please you by a campfire right on the beach.


By May 2016, the world has lost about five islands to the rising Pacific Ocean, thanks to the utter ignorance of the human race towards the mother that has so long sustained it. There are numerous other islands with large populations that are dying, with the rising Sea levels and melting ice caps. An example would be the Soloman Islands in the North Pacific which needs immediate relocation for its populace.
The Island of Mousuni, an island in the Mangrove den south of West Bengal, the exotic Sunderbans, is meeting the same fate but the people are defending their home. Mousuni has not seen the wreckage of unrestrained Tourism and the old-world charm of sands and waves with the touch of a bonfire and music will show you a mirage that you haven’t seen.
Izifiso invites you chronicle the story of a dying island, a dying culture, and its mesmerizing beauty. Run with the red crabs over the beach, learn about fishing, taste their crustacean flavors, visit the school and interact with the children, walk through the tribal colonies and feel the grief in their gleaming eyes.

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