Sandakphu Phalut Trek

This weekend get ready and pack your bag for the most adventures Bangriposi, a tribal hamlet in Mayurbhanj distict of Orissa. This place has its own beauty surrounded by hills, river and jungles.

Arid and green, bold but serene, Bangriposhi is a tribal hamlet that’s perfumed with enchanting paradoxes. In the Mayurbhanj District of Orissa, the majestic Thakurani Hills is the home to this strange union of woods, streams, aridity and art! What’s better than a weekend away from your hectic schedules? A weekend that promises camping, music, local beverages and hushed sunsets! Camp by the river and enjoy a blissful weekend, amidst towering hills and under a clear blue sky.

Balasore to Balasore.
Day 1: From Balasore Station, we travel to Buribalam River, pay a local visit to the milieu and camp by the river for a lovely night.
Day 2: We move on to Bisoi Haat.
Day 3: We visit a Dokra Art village, explore their cottage workshops and interact with the artists.
Return to Balasore Station.

Cost Per head: Rs. 6000 (Min. 4 heads required).

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