Izifiso brings to its travelers a trip which would be a culmination of aesthetic values and nostalgia dripping in like rhythmic pitter-patter of rainfall breeding to Petrichor. Gorkhey is an enticing valley located at the northern borders of West Bengal, separated from Sikkim by the Gorkhey River. The Himalayan foothills never disappoints a worn-out traveler seeking solace from the hustle-bustle of daily life and Izifiso chose Gorkhey, exclusively for its esoteric and encroached by swarms of travelers. The Gorkhey trip is chiefly characterized by birding at Singalia National Park, highest altitude park in the state of West Bengal; trekking through the jaw-dropping strawberry and orange fields with glimpses of Rhododendron all across the foothills and the most sought for Star Trail or Stargazing Photography.

Nooks & Corners

  1. Home Stay

The warmth felt by travelers at home stay in the villages of Sepi, Rammam, Samandan and Gorkhey is unparalleled. Right from camp fires at night to the welcome drinks and roasting of chicken barbeques, it’s a mouth watering experience.

  1. Trekking

Our journey commences as we bid adieu to the hosts and set out for Rammam, which is 8kms away. On the way, we wade through the strawberry and orange fields. Due to the drizzling of yesterday night (if any), we will be intoxicated in the fresh smell of the muddy road engulfed in cloud. On the next day we head for Samandan (another 9 km), thereby entering the premises of Singalia National Park and there will be an optional choice of horse riding* (to be informed at least 10 days before the trip). The sojourn reaches its climax on Day 4 as we set out for the exquisite Gorkhey Valley and all set to take a bath in the Gorkhey River to rejuvenate ourselves.

  1. Birding

As we enter the premises of Singalia National Park, we are enlivened with the chirping of myriad exotic mountain birds. The Gorkhey Valley resonates with the birdsongs and chirpings for its tranquil silence. Verditer  Flycatcher, Eurasian Jay, colorful Himalayan Tits, Black Drongo, Grey Wagtail, Grey Bushchat, Great Barbet are some of the species we find. It’s a cherry on the pie if we can spot the Yellow-Billed blue Magpie.

  1. Interaction with local

Our interaction with the native people begins from the home stay but as we trek through the beautiful valley, we come across the angels of the places, yes you got me right! The kids! Out there in the wild, the kids are not privileged enough to receive high quality education. So, we take out some time to take few classes in the local schools and eventually end up scoring goals or hitting sixes in the lush green meadows. The unadulterated bliss generated from our interaction with the indigenous people to understand their way of lifestyle is embalming. As one of our travelers said,”All we have is materialistic pleasure to cling on to and all they have in the omnipotent Nature to bank on”.

  1. Star gazing

To explore the starry night sky, is a jaw dropping phenomena and it‘s a rare scenario, thanks to our cities shrouded in pollution. No, you don’t have to shell out huge sums to trek to Leh-Ladakh or the Coorg Valley for stargazing. Izifiso brings star trailing photography in its exclusive Gorkey Trek package to the delight of the travelers. Now, pull up your socks if you’re already hypnotized by Van Gogh’s master class Starry Night and you’re willing it to experience such an exhilarating vision in real life.